In November 2017, Princess Cruises are rolling out state-of-the art wearable technology that streamlines the cruising experience before you have even left home. The service will start in November 2017 on board Regal Princess and then be rolled out to other ships in 2018.

Regal Princess

Regal Princess

What is it?

The virtual concierge service lives in a coin-sized medallion. It may look small but it is so packed with technology that it can totally change the face of the cruising experience by offering a series of opt-in services.

The medallion, which can be worn as a watch bracelet, a clip or on a necklace or even just carried in a pocket facilitates a no-check in experience, customised dining and the ability to buy anything from food to swimming goggles and have them delivered to your sun lounger.

OCEAN Medallion Bracelet – Spa Visit

Also, guests can browse merchandise such as photos, spa services and excursions from any Ocean Compass (this could be a mobile device, browser, stateroom TV or public areas) at any time before, during and even after the cruise.

And when you want to meet up with the rest of your party, the device will locate friends and family wherever they happen to be on the cruise ship.

In a nutshell Ocean Medallion is your virtual concierge. Here’s what you can expect:

Get ready before you leave home

Ocean Ready: You upload your documentation and make your preferences know before you leave home so by the time you get to the ship you just walk on. The ship will already know everything it needs to know about you.

OCEAN Embarkation - Regal Princess

OCEAN Embarkation – Regal Princess

Invisible transactions

Medallion Pay: Paying is just a matter of associating your credit cards with the medallion. A sort of direct-debit system is in place so that there are no obvious transaction being made at the point of purchase. Not only can you add your credit cards, but also reward cards, gift cards and advanced payment services.

Order whatever you want from wherever you are

Here and Now: Order your food and get it delivered to wherever you are. Or if you forgot your sunscreen, or if the kids have left their goggles at home, you can have these things delivered to you by the pool.

Order whatever you want to be delivered wherever you will be

There and Then: Or order your food for a time in the future. For instance if you are planning to attend the onboard theatre, you can order a glass of wine which will be waiting for you at the show.

OCEAN Medallion Bracelet

OCEAN Medallion Bracelet

Find your friends

Ocean Navigate helps you keep tabs on your group. If you opt-in to location based services, you’ll never lose track of friends and family on your Medallion Class Ocean Holidays ship. Accessible through your Compass, Ocean Navigate is an optional feature that allows you to locate your party anywhere on board via their Ocean Medallions. So you can give your kids a little freedom and yourself peace of mind.

I will only say this once

Your Own Ocean Concierge: Imagine only saying it once then seeing your needs met seamlessly after that. Not only that, Ocean Concierge sends you suggestions, invite to events and activities onboard and ashore.

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