Story-telling and immersive experiences are now the cornerstone of the luxury sector. New investments and budgets are being pointed towards the experiential process.

This form of Soft power has become a popular and now critical way to show credibility and authenticity in a high-end product. Today, the consumer is given the opportunity to be part of, and understand the culture, history and refinement of the item pre-purchase and to create a life-long bond, through events and tailor-made experiences.

Leica Cameras UK, has announced the opening of a larger flagship store in Duke Street, Mayfair on 4th February. Bringing the world of Leica under one roof, the Leica Store Mayfair will provide a 360 experience for photography amateurs, enthusiasts and professionals.

The launch of the store, which will include a ‘Gallery’ and ‘Akadamie’ showcasing the company’s ambitions to place, ‘experience and emotion’, at the forefront of their engagement with the consumer.

Jason Heward, Leica UK Managing Director, explains, “For more than a century Leica has been inspiring creativity and helping people to become photographers. Our stores are destinations where we can connect on a deep experiential level through our galleries and our Akademie. You will come to the store to see great photography, or attend a workshop to discover how to take beautiful images. This is what Leica does and has always done. Leica is photography”.

It also opens up the possibility of curated corporate incentives within the ‘Akademie’, which channels the inner photographer in us all, but also entwines the team-building, bonding and the reward aspect that corporates covet. Participants will have the chance to experience first-hand, the exceptional craftsmanship and technology of Leica cameras, before putting this education into practise.

One of the key features of the Duke Street store is the first ever Leica Gallery to be established in the UK, which will exhibit work from some of the world’s photography greats. Exhibitions will feature celebrated photographic icons who have been dedicated Leica users for decades, alongside contemporary, up-and-coming photographers. The Leica Gallery will also host powerful collections of work from winners and participants from the renowned Leica Oskar Barnack Award competition, which is held annually.

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