Amsterdam Kaukenhof Gardens

Amsterdam is enjoyable at any time of the year (read our Travel Guide: 24 hours in Amsterdam), however here is our guide to when is the best time to go to Amsterdam throughout the year:

Why visit Amsterdam in the Spring

Amsterdam Kaukenhof Gardens

Kaukenhof Gardens (c) skeeze

If crowds bother you get there in April and May. There’s mild temperatures with the average high of 55°F (12.8°C), less traffic, longer days and the bonus at this time is that the city’s famous tulips are in bloom. Don’t miss a visit to the wonderful Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse which comes alive with blooming flowers.

Amsterdam Koninginnedag

Koninginnedag (c) Remi Mathis

Bear in mind that April is also when the city hosts its most popular national festival – King’s Day (Koningsdag) on April 27th. The celebrations last for three days and at this time the city is ablaze with colour, crowds, festivities and you will find booking a hotel a bit tricky.

Why visit Amsterdam in the Summer

Amsterdam Vondelpark

Vondelpark (c) Jorge Royan

Summer months are the hottest, busiest and the most expensive time to visit Amsterdam. The hottest month is August which has an average high of 72°F (22°C). But on the other hand this is also prime festival time. There more than 300 festivals happening every year all over the city and most happen in the summer months. Many go swimming in the open air specially designated swimming areas while others set up their BBQs in the city’s park.

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Why visit Amsterdam in the Autumn

Amsterdam Autumn

Autumn leaves (c) Maguiss

In September, October and November temperatures are mild, 66°F (19°C) and 49°F (9.4°C), and even if it gets a little chilly, you can enjoy a cosy cafe for some refuge and it’s easy to explore both the canals and the museums. At this time the hotel prices are more reasonable.

Why visit Amsterdam in the Winter

Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam Light Festival (c) Erik Zachte

Winter months are when the hotel and airfares plummet but so do the temperatures. The city may well be covered in snow, however during this time there is the annual Amsterdam Light Show that beautify the canals and the buildings that hem them. Sometimes the canals freeze up to the point that they can be used as ice rinks. There is a lovely ice rink that pops up outside the Rijksmuseum.

I amsterdam skating ring

Skating ring in front of the Rijksmuseum (c) Roman Boed

Another sign of winter in this city is the appearance of the Oliebollen. Similar to doughnuts these sweet balls appear on the streets – sold by street vendors – just once a year. Eat them while they are steaming hot and dusted in sugar.

Amsterdam does Christmas markets very well and December sees the city transform into a festive scene.

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