Bugis Singapore Restaurant aromatic duck

The Bugis Singapore Restaurant takes its name from the bustling area in Singapore famous for its flair for street food and incredible shopping opportunities.

The Bugis originally opened in 1995 on a street corner near Gloucester Road Tube station but now has a prime location on Gloucester Road, on the ground floor of the elegant Bailey’s Hotel in Kensington. The restaurant has its own entrance that opens out to a really dapper-looking restaurant. The menu has both small and main dishes incorporating, Chinese, Malay and Indian flavours typical of Singaporean cuisine.

Ambience at Bugis

Bugis restaurant

Bugis Singapore restaurant

The Bugis dining room is an elegant affair spruced up with chandeliers that give off a pleasing light over wood floors, comfy green upholstered chairs, green wall trimmings and well-dressed tables.

Staff look dapper attired in black waistcoats and black trousers, and seem to buzz around the room efficiently and with some panache.

It’s a relaxed environment and a pleasant ambience.



Bugis Restaurant chicken satay

Bugis Restaurant chicken satay

The menu is extensive with a diverse selection.

Being traditionalists we started with deep-fried vegetable spring rolls – as far as I am concerned every Asian meal should include them.

This was followed by a full-to-the-brim bowl of hot and sour soup.  The soup was traditionally gloppy, nicely spiced, and filled with a selection of mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and tofu.  This was a hearty, warming soup.

Later came the corn-fed Chicken Satay skewer warmed on a burner and so, so succulent, accompanied with peanut sauce.

Then came their piece de resistance, the Aromatic Crispy duck which was sliced up in front of us. We guzzled down the carefully rolled pancakes that we deep-filled with hoisin sauce, cucumber slices and shredded duck.

Mains were Steamed Atlantic Seabass fillet which came floating on a  soya and oyster sauce with ginger and spring onion, that combined, made for a flavoursome bite.

We were also presented with their signature dish, the Singapore-style Hainanese chicken. This was poached corn-fed chicken with ginger, chilli and dark soya, accompanied by fragrant rice and a chicken broth which they say “helps digest the rice”. A well-executed dish which in itself is a huge meal. Tasty though.

The menu also has a seafood and vegetable and tofu section with a fine selection of rice and noodles.


The wine list is extensive, we chose a Picpoul de Pinet, a fruity wine that seems to go with anything. There’s also a cocktail bar behind the restaurant to retire to after dinner.

Verdict: The Bugis Singapore Restaurant is a nice, even smart restaurant in a smart location. The menu has lots to offer and the food, though a tad expensive at around £50 to £60 per head without wine, is pretty well-executed. 


More info:

Check out the menu here

Address: 140 Gloucester Road, South Kensington, London SW7 4QH


Source : https://www.thetravelmagazine.net/restaurant-review-the-bugis-singapore-restaurant-south-kensington/

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